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Village of Coal Valley
900 1st Street
P.O. Box 105
Coal Valley, IL 61240

Welcome to Coal Valley!

The Village of Coal Valley is located in Henry and Rock Island Counties, Illinois. The Village is a residential community and is a suburb of the greater Quad Cities area.

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8/19/16 - Employment Opportunity – Village Clerk / Accounting Clerk Position

8/10/16 - The Village of Coal Valley has been targeted recently with vehicle burglaries and even a theft of a vehicle from a resident's garage. I am asking everyone to please lock their vehicles, DO NOT LEAVE keys in the vehicles and to secure garages. This activity has been all over rural Rock Island County and adjoining Cities/Villages for the past few weeks and local agencies are working together to find/stop the intruders. Most of the vehicles are left unlocked and the suspects that find keys within the vehicles are taking them for joy rides and depositing the vehicles in different locations in the Quad Cities. Please notify CVPD if you see any person/vehicle in a neighborhood that you feel does not belong or is suspicious. Thank You!!!

8/4/16 – Please be advised that on August 10th the Village Hall will be closing one hour early at 3:30.  If you wish to drop off your water bill please put it in the drop box and we will get it the morning of the 11th.

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Title IX- Division II, Chapter 1, Section 4 and Section 5, of the Code of Ordinances of the Village of Coal Valley, Illinois is hereby amended by adding the following:


If the rates or charges for Village services provided are not paid within twenty (20) days after the 10th of the month for which the owner, occupant or user have been billed, such Village services shall thereafter be shut off subject to notice and hearing as provided hereinafter, and shall not be reinstated until all past due bills, including the penalties hereon, are paid in full.  A one hundred ($100.00) dollar fee will be charged and due at the time of reinstatement of residential services and a one hundred fifty ($150.00) dollar fee for reinstatement of commercial services whether the water was actually turned off or not.


Any user desiring to temporarily discontinue service for a period of absence from a premise, shall make application therefore to the Village.  Each time there is a discontinuance of service requested by a user, there shall be a charge of $25.00 to shut off the service and $25.00 to turn on such service.  The temporary discontinuance of service at the request of the user will not avoid the imposition of and the liability for the payment for the minimum charge provided for herein.

Click here for full text on the ordinance covering discontinuation/connection and disconnection.

The Village is excited to announce "Online Bill Pay"
Village citizens can now pay Coal Valley utility bills from the convenience of their computer at any time. Online bill pay allows 24/7 access to pay utility and water bills, as well as ordinance citations and building permits.

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