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Coal Valley Police Department

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Gang Information:

Many small towns and rural areas are experiencing gang problems for the first time. Today, it's easy to jump to the mistaken conclusion that gangs are present, because small groups of delinquents are very common, even in the smallest communities. Adolescents enjoy hanging out together, and the reality is that juvenile delinquency is often committed in groups. The visibility of these groups in shopping malls and on street corners and their frequent troublesome behavior may suggest gang involvement. Another factor that may lead to the mistaken conclusion that a gang problem exists is the recent transfusion of gang culture into the larger youth culture. Certain clothing styles and colors commonly worn by gang members have become faddish in the popular youth culture.

Gangs are becoming more common, and their appeal to young people is growing. Many children are at risk for joining or being influenced by gangs. Parents and guardians face a major challenge: how to keep their kids out of gangs.

Even if local youths are displaying gang symbols such as the colors of big city gangs, this alone does not necessarily signify a genuine gang problem. Local groups of youths often imitate big city gangs, generally in an attempt to enhance their self-image or to seek popularity and acceptance among their peers.

Why Do Kids Join Gangs

Kids want to belong and gangs will give kids a feeling of belonging. A common threat in gang activity among the larger communities appears to be significant degrees of poverty and joblessness. If parents can't find something for their children to do, they will find something on their own, and unfortunately, many times it's not the right thing.

Identity Recognition
Being part of the gang allows the gang member to reach a status level they feel would be impossible to achieve outside the gang structure.

In neighborhoods where gang rivalry is strong, teenagers may feel compelled to align themselves with a gang for protection, or they may be forced into gang membership through beatings.

Fellowship & Brotherhood
The appeal of gangs can be as simple as a feeling of belonging. To the majority of youth gang members, the gang functions as an extension of the family and may provide companionship lacking in the gang members home environment. Many gang members look up to the gang as family structure; again something that may be lacking in their own home environment.

Some of your children may be forced to surrender their lunch money as a form of protection. This type of extortion and physical force are methods that gangs may use to coerce membership.

Profile of a Member

  • Usually male – 20 to 1 ratio
  • School Drop-out or truant; poor student, does not like school, does not adapt well at school.
  • Unemployed, no employable skills
  • In trouble with the Police
  • Member does not receive adequate family attention. Gang provides identity and status; in turn, the gang member develops a fierce loyalty to the gang/nation and becomes locked into gang's lifestyle, values, attitudes, and behavior. He becomes incapable of breaking away; a break may result in death. Single parent, or family may approve or condone participation, particularly if he helps support the family economically.
  • Victim of Abuse/neglect
  • Economically and socially deprived backgrounds
  • Very street wise; anti-social; aggressive/hostile.
  • Gang members use graffiti, hand signals and tattoos to signify their membership in a gang and to communicate to their gang affiliations to others. Each street gang has its own unique signal, sign, color, jewelry and dress. These serve not only to identify gang members, but also to promote group solidarity.

Street Gang Identifiers

  • Hat tilted to one side or the other
  • Earring in left/right ear
  • Belt Buckle to left/right of center
  • Colored Shoe Laces
  • Inside of pocket colored & Sticking out, left/right
  • Standing with arms folded
  • Standing with hand in pocket, left/right
  • Jewelry
  • Buttons
  • Displaying of colors

Known Gangs

  • Ambrose
  • Ashland Vikings
  • Black Gangster
  • Black Gangster Disciples
  • C-Notes
  • Campbell Boys
  • Harrison Gents
  • Imperial Gangsters
  • Insane Popes
  • La Raza
  • Latin Disciples
  • Latin Dragons
  • Latin Eagles
  • Latin Lovers
  • Latin Souls
  • Orchestra Albany
  • Party People
  • Satan Disciples
  • Simon city Royals
  • Spanish Cobras
  • Spanish Gangsters
  • Two Two Boys
  • Two Sixers
  • Bishops
  • Black P Stone
  • Cullerton Duces
  • El Rukns
  • Gaylords
  • Insane Duces
  • Kents
  • Latin Counts
  • Latin Kings
  • Latin Saints
  • Mickey Cobras (Cobrastones)
  • Pachucos
  • P.R. Stones
  • Spanish Lords
  • Vice Lords
Problem "Gangs" in our area are:
Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, Latin Kings, Bishops, Low Riders, and the Militia gangs.

Parental Responsibility

It is imperative that parents notice how their son/daughter's are dressed prior to leaving the house. When the child is not home, look for items such as guns, money, drugs, and other items that may indicate gang involvement. Get them involved in youth activities, boys clubs, YMCA, church groups, etc.