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Property Inventory:

Please take the time to review the attached property inventory sheet. You can Print the Inventory Sheet and Data can be typed in or hand-written on a printed copy. By entering the Make/Model/Serial Number information, it increases the odds of recovering the property if it should be stolen during a theft or burglary. A completed list is also helpful when filing insurance claims in cases of damaged property. Consider saving copies of the completed list at separate locations. Be sure to enter serial number information for all serialized items, to include firearms. Other helpful documentation tips are included below:

  • Take digital photographs of unique and valuable non-serialized items.
  • Consider marking the inside cases of DVDs and the DVDs themselves with your name and/or driver's license number.
  • Take close-up digital photographs of jewelry items.
  • Consider locking valuable items in a secure, ground-bolted safe when away from home.
Click here for a blank Property Inventory Sheet to fill out on your personal property